Talabat Careers Dubai – Sr. Accountant

Talabat Careers Dubai – Sr. Accountant

Jan 21, 2023 - 01:07
Talabat Careers Dubai – Sr. Accountant


Invoicing, supplier account statements / reconciliation , discrepancy handling (same applies to non-trading suppliers) + SBR (Supplier business review) Compliance such as rebates, credit notes..


  • Performing costing of products and items
  • Processing of payment requests for suppliers to ensure accuracy of accounts
  • Ensuring that inventory counts are performed regularly and in accordance with agreed procedures to ensure compliance
  • Investigating and resolving claims with local suppliers
  • Creating and reconciling supplier accounts to ensure accuracy of accounts
  • Performing warehouse and store inventory valuations, and calculate inventory ageing to control assets


  • At least 5 years within Accountancy and Finance
  • Additionally, you have robust interpersonal and intercultural skills. You can inspire several teams and stakeholders to rally behind a mission.
  • You are able to interact with senior-level executives and can manage the expectations of multiple stakeholders.
  • You are very detail-oriented, structured and know how to prioritize — you consider yourself as someone who delivers solutions and not bottlenecks to be solved.
  • You are someone energized by the unknown and look forward to learning each day on the job.